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What is a "Purpose Plan"?

A “Purpose Plan” is a personalized plan of action to help each person align their lives with their purpose. The "Purpose Plan" targets the following areas:  your mental health, your physical health, your emotional health, your financial health, your spiritual health, and your sexual health.

​Do I need a "Purpose Plan"? I can't answer that for you.

Are you trying to figure out your life? Are you having a hard time aligning your thoughts with your actions? Do you feel lost in life? Are you recovering from a devastating loss? Are you trying to figure out who the hell you've turned into and where did the real you go? Are you trying to figure out what does happiness looks like for you? There are so many reasons we all need a "Purpose Plan". 

​There are so many different versions of ourselves that we see in our head. Dreams that we only speak about in our journals. There are versions of ourselves that we write about in secret spaces that we never speak about. We are so afraid to just be. We continue to live our lives for others; afraid that they will not accept us for who we are or for who we are becoming.


How long are you going to live in the dark? A “Purpose Plan” helps you better understand who you are now. Who you want to become. Your personalized plan helps you better understand your strengths and deficiencies. We want to help you align your life with your purpose!! Only you know your purpose. No one can decide that for you.

Maybe you feel your purpose is to get your mental health in order. Maybe your purpose is to become more acquainted with your healthier self. Maybe you are exploring a newer version of yourself. Maybe you are working on your marriage or a relationship. Maybe you are working on your finances. How you see yourself; how you feel about yourself; how you feel about others; how you feel about your finances all affects your mental health and how you give and receive love to yourself and others.


We want to help you see yourself the way you see yourself in your dreams. You deserve to see yourself clearly. Accept all your emotions. Accept your pros and cons. We are flawed. Learning to love those flaws and your uniqueness is a part of your purpose planning.


Ask yourself the below questions honestly:

How is your mental health:
How is your spiritual health:
How is your emotional health:
How is your financial health:
How is your sexual health:
How is your physical health:

How is your business health:

We can't wait to help you find your aha moment!! Click here to begin your journey.

Loveli xoxo

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