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About the Course

Mental Health Purpose Plan

  • The goal is to help you better understand how your mental health is affected by your environment, your relationships and your hormones.

  • We will be exploring your mental health through conversation, understanding, reflection and planning.

  • We will be discussing how your environment, social circles, and relationships, both platonic and romantic, play a large part in who you are and how you process the world.

  • We will create personalized plans for how you will deal with mental health crisis, explore terms and definitions of mental health diagnosis, and become proficient in advocating for yourself.

  • We will do our best to help you find resources to help you deal with any concerns or problems you may be experiencing with regards to this topic.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that this is not a medical course. We are not licensed to diagnose anyone with any illnesses.

Your Instructor

Li Brown

Li Brown

Li Brown is a certified business, life, mental-health, and relationship coach with a legal background. With over 26 years of experience, Li provides a safe, open, and engaging environment that encourages her clients to explore their options and find purpose in their lives.

Mental Health Purpose Plan




6 Weeks

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