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Meet Loveli

Hello Lovelies!


My name is Loveli Brown. I am honored to meet you. I am an East Coast girl at heart. I am passionate about mental health, learning, writing, books, art, fashion, music, business growth and self-expression. My passion is learning how to find my purpose in life from the inside out. I know that I have benefited from learning healthier communication skills, embracing all my uniqueness and embracing and loving my weirdness. My desire to learn how to better articulate my feelings and celebrate the little things in life has allowed me to better advocate for myself and those I love and support. Healthy communication is a life!!

My studies include law and mental health. I am certified as a Professional Life Coach and Guide, a Mental Health and Wellness Coach, CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach, a Mindfulness and Success Life Coach, a Relationship Workshop Facilitator Life Coach, a Life Purpose Coach, a Creation for Life Coaches Practitioner, and a Meditation and Consciousness Masterclass Coach. I also provide resources to help you get your business up and running. 

Lovelies, I know what it's like to look at myself in the mirror and not know who's staring back. I know what it's like to have to fight through each day surviving the thoughts that run through your head. I know what it's like to discover your purpose; be afraid of your purpose; embrace your purpose and walk in your purpose. Healing takes work. It takes bravery. It takes self-discovery. I continue to educate myself. I continue to have conversations and learn from others. I want to help you discover, explore, and walk in your purpose. Healing is a continuous process. We all deserve to discover and rediscover who we are without stress and continuous doubt. I can't say to will be easy. I can tell you that you are purpose personified. Let's work on your purpose together.

Loveli xoxo


Mission Statement

LoveliEsteem’s mission is to help everyone that we encounter feel prepared to align their lives with their purpose. We believe that by focusing on open communication, connecting through experiences, and healing through conversation, we can better understand what binds us through the human experience. 

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