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The "Healing Through Conversations Podcast"

 My name is Li. I am excited to build a podcast community! My podcast will focus on "Healing Through Conversations". So many of us have amazing stories of healing, love, grief, triumphs, and celebrations. We have also learned so many lessons along the way. Let us continue to pave the way as we rebuild our lives, find new hobbies, discover love of self and others.
I want to have intimate conversations about our joy, pain, laughter, tips, tricks and WTH's! 
I would love to have open conversations about our healing journeys. 
Most conversations will be virtual to accommodate anyone regardless of location.


I am on the East Coast located in Maryland, and open to in-person meetings in the DMV, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. 

Connection is important as we explore and heal through mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
If you are interested in connecting, send me a message.  
I can't wait to hear from you!! Don't be shy. 

Loveli Brown xoxo

Podcast Mission

My podcast focuses on connecting through conversations. More healing happens through conversations, understanding, compassion and promoting. The more we talk about our success and failures, which are all lessons, the more we grow and connect to others. My goal is to speak with people, from all backgrounds, who have lived experiences and want to teach others how to start their healing process in any way that suits them. We don't discriminate against anyone. We don't judge. We just talk.

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