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What Influenced You?

Okay guys. We going to write down 15 things.

We’re going to write down:

1.) 5 things from our childhood that we think works for us.

2.) 5 things from my childhood that doesn’t work for us.

3.) And then we’re going to write down 5 things from our childhood that we have carried with us and we don’t know what to do with them.

We're going to look at those things and we’re going to try to decide how they affects now. Because I will guarantee you that out of those 15 things at least six of those things are toxic. They are not working for you. We think that they are because we've gotten use to living in a deficit.

Usually, the things that we think are dead on with who we are and how we treat ourselves and the people that we allow in our lives; are the things that really make us who we are and we need to question that.

Are those things helping or hindering our growth?

You deserve to be happy.

Love Li xoxo


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