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Am I the problem? Ways to build better relationships with yourself and others.

By: Loveli Brown

These questions are designed to help you reflect on your personal journey, fostering growth and self-advocacy through introspection and conversation.

What are my strengths, and how can I leverage them to overcome my current challenges? This question encourages you to take inventory of your unique talents and abilities, focusing on how they can be applied to navigate obstacles. It's an optimistic approach that underscores the belief in personal growth and the power of self-awareness.

In what ways have I grown in the past year, and what lessons can I carry forward? Reflecting on your growth over time highlights the progress you've made, often in ways you might not have recognized in the moment. This question promotes a positive outlook by recognizing achievements and learning experiences, setting the stage for future successes.

How can I turn my fears into opportunities for growth? Addressing fears directly transforms them from barriers to stepping stones. This question encourages a shift in perspective, viewing challenges as opportunities to expand your comfort zone and develop resilience.

What are the positive changes I want to see in my life, and what steps can I take to initiate them? By focusing on desired outcomes, this question helps outline a clear, optimistic path forward. It's about setting intentions and recognizing your agency in making those changes happen, fostering a proactive mindset.

Who inspires me, and what qualities do they possess that I can embody in my own life? Inspiration is a powerful motivator. Identifying role models and the traits they exhibit encourages you to cultivate those qualities within yourself. This question is rooted in optimism, focusing on the potential for personal development and the positive impact of mentorship and aspiration.

Engaging with these questions is a conversation with yourself, a crucial step in articulating your innermost feelings, wants, needs, and desires. It's an exercise in self-advocacy and personal growth, illuminated by Loveli xoxo's insightful perspective on the importance of open, honest dialogue.

Loveli Brown


Healing Through Conversations Podcast

"Being able to articulate your feelings, wants, needs, and desires is the best way to advocate for yourself. This all starts with a conversation". Loveli xoxo


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