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Social Anhedonia! Say It Slowly....

Social Anhedonia! Say It Slowly....

What is social anhedonia (an·​he·​do·​nia)? A psychological condition characterized by inability to experience pleasure in normally pleasurable acts. Social anhedonia is a condition where individuals experience little pleasure in social interactions diminishing contact with friends and family. Every day, we are discovering new finding in the mental health world. What are symptoms of "social anhedonia"? According to, the symptoms of anhedonia depend on the type. 1) Symptoms of social anhedonia may include:

  • Very few or no relationships at all

  • Complete withdrawal from existing social relationships

  • A diminished capacity to express emotions

  • Fake emotions in social situations (e.g., pretending to be happy at a celebration)

  • Preference for being alone

2) Symptoms of physical anhedonia may include:

  • A complete loss of libido or interest in sexual interactions

  • Frequent illness or other physical health issues

Those who suffer from "social anhedonia" may be more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts and tendencies. For more information about "social anhedonia", you may want to review the following information. Anhedonia: Definition, Causes, and Treatment ( A recent article published by discussed "social anhedonia" and it's finding were very interesting. The study was about the relationship between childhood trauma, gray matter, and social anhedonia. They discovered that childhood trauma may play a part in developing "social anhedonia". The findings were fascinating. The article can be found at: Researchers explore the relationship between childhood trauma, gray matter, and social anhedonia ( Mental health awareness is every changing. We are learning new ideas, redefining what mental illness looks like and fight for solutions to help those who are suffering through mental health related issues. The more we know. The more we can help.

Be good to yourself. You deserve to be happy. Loveli xoxo


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