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Men's Mental Health

Men's Mental Health

Yesterday, November 29, 2022,

I attended a webinar with the Anxiety and Depression Association of American. It was so information. The topic was Men's mental Health. The discussion was informative, insightful and quite frankly disturbing. The panel Dr. Kevin Chatman, PhD., A-CBT, Dr. Daniel B. Singley, PhD, ABPP, PMH-C and O'Shan Darius Gadsden, PhD. Each panelist accomplishments preceded them. Their discussion around men and mental health left me feeling well informed, called to explore more ways to help and a need to find more ways to help.

Understanding that I am a women and I may not be the best person to speak on this subject. However, I can be a source of information and resource for knowledge.

There were two points that stuck out to me. One, the lack of resources available to men in the mental health sector and safe spaces for men to "be allowed" to explore their feelings in it's raw form.

I am no expert in men's health. I am a person who has men in their lives and my need to see their live and celebrate their full lives is a pressing need.

Please explore more ways to assist the men in your lives. Find ways that gives them the emotional freedom to just be.

I love the men in my life and my hope for them is plenty.

Check out the webinar.

This is not an endorsement. It is, however, a way to further understand the people in my life.

Loveli xoxo


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