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Men's Mental Health and Resources 

This page is dedicated to providing information and resources for men and/or masculine presenting persons.

How Can We Help?

Seeing the world through the eyes if a man or masculine presenting person can feel foreign. Especially, if you haven't had the opportunity to have vulnerable discussions with any of them. Understanding their struggles, worries, insecurities and fears may help us connect with the men in our lives. 

Here we want to provide resources, articles and information so that we can better understand the people we care about.

I Am Here to Listen

Sometimes, there can appear to be a barrier between the sexes. How can we communicate if you don't hear what I say or don't say? Some of us have a hard time communicating because we've been conditioned to think that our voice does not count. Other don't talk about their feelings because it's been ingrained in them to stop whining. Feelings are for weak minded people. Right! WRONG!!!!


There are a multitude of reason's men don't speak up when they are hurting. Trauma, culture, grief, stigma, etc.

Below is an article I read years ago about some reasons men don't talk about mental health. Take a look. 

3 Less-Known Reasons Why Men Don’t Talk about Mental Health | Mental Health America (

Are you opening to listening to the men in your life speak?


Do you provide a safe space for the men in your life to be vulnerable?

Life is too short to close the door on each other.

Loveli xoxo

Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

We all are fighting "father time". It doesn't have to be a losing battle. 

It can feel quite strange when your body decides to betray you by ageing. So many of us are dedicating more time to taking care of ourselves. Take a look at this video from: Men's Health Week 2022 | Healthy Male. There are ways to take care of yourself so that you can be healthy, sane and happy.

Loveli xoxo

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